Matters need attention for participating in Triangle’s recruitment

Matters need attention for participating in Triangle’s campus recruitment

I am a social man with working experience. Then can I apply for the post listed in the campus recruitment?

The post information listed in campus recruitment is only available to this year’s graduates. People with working experience can find a suiting post in requirement open to social men. If there isn’t any suiting post for you in social requirement, then please be patient and wait for our vacancy updating.

Must I satisfy all the requirements of a type of post to apply for it?

The requirement listed for each post on the internet is the minimum requirement. So in order to succeed in application, you are suggested to consider your choice according to the requirements of the post strictly.

Can I apply for more than one post at the same time?

For campus recruitment, each one is allowed to apply for at most three posts according to the requirements at the same time.

Can I revise the submitted resume and repost it?

For the recruitment designed for this year’s graduates, we won’t accept the revised resume. So we suggest you posting your resume after you have edited all the information completely.

What material should I bring with me for the job interview?

Please provide detailed resume information as much as possible. These will include your school report card (with the stamp of your school), graduate recommendation form, and the original and copies of your other personal qualification certificates.

Matters need attention for participating in Triangle’s social recruitment

I am a graduate of this year, and I have had some working experience while studying for my bachelor, master and doctor degrees, then can I apply for the post listed in the social recruitment?

Our social recruitment is only for social talents, who have rich working experience. Our company will update the recruitment information and demand. Current year’s graduate students (including master degree graduate who having working experience after under-graduate, and Dr. Graduates) can choose a suited job in Triangle campus recruitment.

What are the channels of recruitment and resume delivery?

Triangle publishes the recruitment information of social talents at Triangle website. Meanwhile, we update recruitment information at various recruiting website. Interviewee can also search the information and deliver resume at various websites.

Can I apply for a variety of positions at the same time?

As to social recruitment, there is no limit for the application number. You can choose the job according to your own condition and demand.

Can I modify the resume that I have already delivered?

As to social recruitment, our company allows candidates modify their resumes, but please remark change token in the resume.

What materials need I take in job interview?

Please provide more personal details in resume include original and copy of personal qualification certifications (professional qualification certificates, certificate of title, and all kinds of training certifications).

Common problems:

What should I look out when delivering resume?

The name of your resume should be name + station you prefer.

What should I pay attention after delivering resume?

We will check your resume as soon as possible. You need to make sure the work of your phone and keep clear of your E-mail.

When will the interview begin? How many days will in advance to notice an interview?

As the plan and arrangement of different status is different, we will tell candidate interview schedule through phone and email. Some interview will adjust flexibly according to time and district. (We can make an interview through phone and video)

Who will be invited to attend interview? How many times the interview will be arranged?

In general, business section and human resource department will arrange an interview at the same time or respectively. Some special status need hold a reexamination.

The language of interview is Chinese, English and other language?

According to different job, the demand is different. Our company will organize all kinds of language interview. In general, we only hold Chinese interview.

What is the form of interview?

In general, the interview will be held individually. But according to companies’ arrangement, we also hold group interview.

Do you have demand on job interview outfit?

There is no unified demand for job interview outfit, but we advise you to wear formal dress.

How to check interview results?

We will tell you the result and hires information through telephone.

Where is the working place?

Except sales related jobs and oversea position, the working place is at Weihai. Meanwhile, the interview information has detailed introduction for Weihai.

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