Chairman Introduction

Introduction of the current chairman of the board

Ding Mu

The current Chairman of the Board of Triangle Tire Co., Ltd.He was the Director of the Third Workshop of the Second Production Line of the Department of Car and Truck Manufacturing, the Deputy Director of the Supply Chain Management Department, the Executive Vice-General Manager of the Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Center, the Executive Deputy General Manager of the Global Trade and Market Network Construction Center and Vice-General Manager of the Triangular Tire Co., Ltd.

Introduction of the former current chairman of the board

Ding Yuhua (October 1948 - June 2018)

The Former Chairman and Party Secretary of Triangle Group Co., Ltd., Former Chairman of Triangle Tire Co., Ltd., Chairman of Tire Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, Senior Vice-President of China Rubber Industry Association, Ph.D., Senior Economist, and Researcher in engineering technology applications.

There are other roles he acted in the society:

  • The deputy of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth NPC
  • One of the NPC standing committee members in Wei-Hai
  • Vice-chairman of the Shandong chamber of commerce (a district of China Chamber of International Commerce)
  • Chairman of entrepreneur society in Wei-Hai
  • Vice president of Wei-Hai charity society
  • Honorary chairman of the institute of invention and innovation in Wei-Hai

The main honors Ding Yuhua got:

  • National model worker
  • “Special Government Allowance” issued by the state council
  • The national outstanding party workers
  • First prize of the national scientific and technological prize
  • Advanced workers in quality management
  • Professional and technical personnel in Shandong Province
  • Entrepreneur
  • Celebrity of EMA

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