Triangle Culture

The mission of Triangle

Bringing progress to the society and creating civilization for humans.
With the ultimate goal of respecting people's life and meeting the needs of people, Triangle creates value for the society by providing high quality products and considerate services. At the same time, Triangle adheres to responsible business, focuses on the exploration and innovation of technology, management and employee growth and enterprise culture, and makes continuous contributions to the development of human civilization and social progress.

Triangle's Vision

Globalized company, world-class Triangle
In breadth, Triangle pursues business practices all over the world and makes best use of global resources through the global layout and integration of market, capital, talents and R&D to form a pattern of globalized vision and operation mode, Triangle pursues the world-class influence. Through the cooperation and competition with the strongest tire enterprises, it continues to improve technology and management level to become a world-class industry leader and promote the development of human society.

Enterprise management philosophy

Enterprise is of human, which manages man, managing others and, to be more important, oneself.
Enterprise carries staff's hopes and dreams as an aggregate of people, and bears the corresponding social responsibility and obligation as the legal person.
Triangle sets win-win idea as the principle for the internal management. With the help of material guarantee, platform construction and spiritual motivation, it maximizes the achievement staff's self-value and social value. When it comes to the external business, it uses products and services to create the value of the continuing appreciation for customers and establishes a strategic partnership. Triangle’s management is multi-level and wide-ranged expanding business to every level. Triangle always treats responsible self-management as the premise and foundation. The development idea of Triangle managers unifies individual and organization as an organism with virtuous cycles to promote constant development of Triangle.

Enterprise core values

Integrity, innovation, diligence and love
Integrity is the basic character of Triangle; it is the solid foundation of Triangle’s business.
Triangle fully integrates the spirit of integrity culture into the process of building responsible enterprises. By keeping credible to the customers, faithful to the business, and sincere to the colleagues, it will build the harmonious win-win ecosystem on the basis of integrity.
Integrity is to be practical, keep promises and follow the sunshine work style.
Innovation is the soul of Triangle, and the basic experience of Triangle’s success.
Triangle has always kept innovation as the driving force for the development and core competitiveness. It keeps ongoing all-round innovation on strategy, management, science and technology, market and culture to promote the transformation and upgrading of the modern enterprise. Innovation is the courage to challenge conformism and the source of continuous improvement.
Diligence is the feature of Triangle and an important way of Triangle’s successful business.
Triangle put diligence into every link of operation. It not only advocates the hard-working habit, but also the spiritual endeavor and mind improvement.
Triangle, under the promotion of diligence, focuses on the quantity accumulation and qualitative change.
Diligence is to dedicate, to sacrifice and to devote constantly.
Love is the purpose of Triangle, as well as the root cause of Triangle’s success.
Love is the starting point and foothold of all work in Triangle which always cares for each people’s growth and development. To safeguard the fundamental interest of employees is an important task for our company for a long time in order to ensure employees to fully enjoy the fruits of enterprise development.
Love is to respect and protect, to develop and achieve, and to give back to society.

Enterprise spirit

Responsibility, passion, openness and inclusiveness
Responsibility is to have the courage to accept a challenge to achieve a goal.

Passion requires people to be enthusiastically devoted to Triangle’s career, to work hard, and to be energetic.

Openness requires people not to be constrained by the inherent specification and should actively accept and learn new things.

Inclusiveness requires people to be receptive and to integrate new things without discrimination, and use them for us.

Enterprise style

Rapid response and high efficiency
Under the guidance of customer needs and market changes, an organization should  make quick decision and action. For an individual facing external demand and decisions made by the organizations, he/she should make rapid response to implement the tasks.

Cultural construction

Culture is a kind of soft power with a condensed incentive and restraint effect, and it is the soul of Triangle’s career. The birth and development of Triangle’s culture has always been rooted in our people’s practice and hard work. Triangle’s cultural construction adheres to the "two combinations": the combination of the top-down culture innovation dominated by leaders and the bottom-up cultural identification and involvement with employees as the main body; the combination of the inheritance and development of its own excellent culture and the reference to foreign cultures.

Ecological relationship network

With the basic principle and concept of cooperation symbiosis, Triangle builds up three-dimensional ecological relationship network including consumers, clients, employees, shareholders, partners, competitors and society. And it is committed to the sound and sustainable development of overall ecological network.

Triangle & Environment

Green World Manifesto


The pursuit of perfection is forever

Triangle Culture

Honest Creative Deligent Caring

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