Triangle Innovation 2019 -New HP AdvanteX TC101

Date Published:23/09/2019   

The AdvanteX TC101 High Performance tire has been designed to blend performance, comfort and safety.
The mix of new tread pattern and compound technology has led to an exceptional all-round performer in all conditions.
Covering the High-Performance Segment, the largest vehicle segment in the world, the new range provides optimum vehicle fitment coverage for today’s modern family car.

The High-Performance Segment is the largest tire segment in the world by volume, representing approximately 36% of the total global consumer tire volume. The segment is forecasted to grow at 3% per annum over the next 5 years.
Wayne Foster, Triangle GM Global Marketing, said, “This development is key to building the Triangle brand for both the replacement and future OE markets, we have focused our Research and development to deliver what we believe are the key technical and performance improvements to compete against any brand in the world”
The tire has been extensively tested and is has been proven to deliver a vast improvement in Wet handling and braking – which is widely regarded as the key metric for tire safety.  Our internal tests performed in Spain shows an 18% improvement in Wet Braking, an 11% improvement in Aquaplaning performance and 9% improvement in dry braking over the predecessor product.
Designed with 4 deep circumferential grooves and large shoulder blocks, AdvanteX provides good wet handling and braking, as well as improved cornering in wet/dry conditions.  Formulated with functionalized polymer and high content silica in combination with white carbon black, AdvanteX delivers lower rolling resistance and improved traction, braking and fuel efficiency. Whilst providing a quiet and comfortable ride experience
There are 31 sizes available for 15 to17-inch rims, with tire widths from 185 to 235 millimeters and aspect ratios between 65 and 50


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