Triangle Innovation 2019-New All-Terrain Tire AgilexAT TR292

Date Published:30/09/2019   

The AgilexAT All-Terrain tire TR292 has been developed to address the growing market for balanced on and off-road performance for consumers wanting the flexibility of great on-road and off-road performance
Developed with the toughness and traction to manage off road conditions and with a tread design to maximize on-road mileage and performance the AgileX AT as its name suggest delivers agility in all conditions
The new range has been extended to cover more Light truck sizes – creating a comprehensive global offering.

Designed with optimized belt angle and width AgilexAT delivers better footprint distribution and increased tread stability with better handling.  Its’ strengthened shoulder block and balanced on/off road compound leads to reduced ride noise with excellent driving performance.
The AgilexAT is manufactured in 35 sizes for rims from 15 to 18 inches with widths between 215 and 275 mm and aspect ratios between 85 and 60 percent.


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