Triangle Group at SEMA Show 2015

Date Published:07/11/2015   

From Nov. 3rd to 6th of 2015, Triangle Group attended the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA Show for short) at the Las Vegas Convention Center and held a conference to share with its customers and media the progress that has been achieved and plans in developing the company into a global player building greater popularity, reputation, influence and promoting a global brand image.

At the show, Triangle Group presented not only new products such as Sportex and Protract, but also the giant OTR tire 33.00R51(the National Science and Technology Award winner), and other the commercial and passenger tires, that are popular in America. What’s more, it reached to many new customers from The United States of America, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, The Republic of Guatemala, The Republic of Chile, and Brazil, etc… All the customers, new and old, from North America were clearly impressed with its high-quality products.

On the evening of Nov. 4th, Triangle Group held a customer and press conference at Bellagio Hotel, where Mr. Lima, the Board Chairman of Oriental Triangle Corporation in Latin America, and Zhao Xidian, the Deputy Secretary of Weihai Municipal Party Committee delivered the opening addresses. Mr. Powell, VP of Marketing at Triangle Global Business Center, made a speech on Developing Triangle’s Global Brand, introducing in detail the progress of brand building efforts, as well as the advanced manufacturing technologies and processes. Ding Yuhua, the board chairman of Triangle Group, gave an address on Brand Building and Global Market Development to the press from home and abroad. Around 160 participants attended this conference.

In his address, Mr. Ding stated that since the 1990s, Triangle Group has been devoted to tire designing, manufacturing, and marketing to meet the needs of different regions, customers and road conditions. It has attached great importance to technical innovation, establishing a sound research group, which consists of a fundamental research center, product design center, and center for data generation and tire characteristics measurements. By applying industrial information and intelligence technologies, Triangle’s manufacturing facilities have acquired global standard levels of productive efficiency and manufacturing accuracy. It has also addressed the difficult issues of safety, energy saving and environmental protection providing lean, clean and green manufacturing environment. These investment has led to producing world class level products. It’s worth pointing out that Triangle Group has fostered the core of its corporate culture with “Honesty, Innovation, Diligence, and Benevolence” and worked hard to meet the needs of its customers, realize win-win with its partners and help promote social progress.

After the conference, Mr. Ding answered the questions concerning brand globalization strategies, corporate upgrading & restructuring raised by TIRE BUSINESS, MODERN TIRE DEALER and other media.

About Triangle Group:

Triangle, a leading Chinese tire manufacturer, was established in 1976 and mainly produces commercial tire, passenger tire, radial OTR tire, Jumbo OTR tire and special tire. Triangle sells over 25 million tires annually to customers in over 160 countries and regions. It has earned recognition from its customers worldwide for top quality products and excellent services.


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